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Turtleback Ridge Brewery is a farmhouse brewery located in Robertson County Kentucky on the Turtleback Ridge Farmstead.


We are currently closed for the winter, reopening in early March 2023

Look forward to seeing you in the new year!

Reach out on our Facebook Page or shoot us an email at

Growler Prices (Glass only, Fill prices below)

2 Liter Growler(Large) - $15/ea

750ml Growler(Small) - sold out; refills available

Current Draft List

"Kölsch" - Light German beer, ($12/Large, $8/Small, $5/pint)

"Warbler IPA" – Named for the migratory Warblers that arrive to our region at the same time of year as this beer. A robust malt backbone generously hopped with Cascade and Centennial. Resinous and piney with an assertive bitterness balanced by a malty, caramel sweetness. ($6/Pint, $15/Large, $10/Small)

"KY Sahti" - our homage to the traditional Finnish style of beer. Brewed with Southfork Malthouse pilsner and caramel malts and infused with Kentucky's endemic Juniper, Eastern Red Cedar. Rich malty notes blend with the woodsy, evergreen character of the cedar. ($6/pint, $10/small, $15/large)

"The Hare" - brewed in collaboration with @atgbrewery this simple honey saison was brewed with #kyproud Southfork Malthouse Pilsner malt and honey from Morehead, KY. ($6/pint)

“The Tortoise” Farmhouse Saison – Brewed in collaboration with Against the Grain Brewery this honey Saison was fermented with our house culture and aged on copious amounts of local blackberries from Cedar Hill Homestead. Notes of tart blackberry, subtle farmhouse funk, and a full, creamy mouthfeel. ($8/8oz)

"Biere de Mars" - brewed with Southfork Malthouse pilsner and munich malts and infused with wild rose root and spicebush branches. Floral with notes of allspice and black pepper balanced by the malt character. ($6/pint, $10/small, $15/large)

“Among the Wildflowers” Spring Ale – made in collaboration with Shippingport Brewing Co. this foraged ale was brewed with dandelion root, leaf, and flower, rose root, black & white currants, gooseberries, and spruce tips. Light, fruity and tart with a pleasantly refreshing spruce finish. ($6/10oz, $12/small, $18/large)

​"Spruce It Up"- Infused with spruce branches and fermented with kviek yeast. A heavy dose of citrus from the kviek blends with the woodsy spice of the spruce coming together into a pleasantly refreshing gingery zing. ($6/pint, $10/small, $15/large)

"Oatmeal Stout"- silky smooth, roasty, notes of chocolate and coffee, dry finish ($6/pint, $15/large, $10/small)

​​​​​Handcrafted Seasonal Spritzer – nonalcoholic ($3/pint)

Current Bottle List

Hillbilly Maple - our maple imperial stout brewed with maple sap, aged in Old Pogue Bourbon Barrels, and bottle conditioned with our own Pure KY Proud Maple Syrup. ($10/bottle)

Farmhand's Table - a farmhouse ale brewed with Hickory King Corn from Sunflower Sundries and KY Proud Malt from Southfork Malthouse. Barrel fermented with our house culture. ($15/bottle)

Appalachian Surrealism - a blended farmhouse ale brewed with Southfork Malthouse KY grown barley and barrel fermented with our house culture. Bottle conditioned for nearly 9 months before release. Notes of pithy citrus, a pleasant minerality, and a balanced tartness. ($15/bottle)

Updated 12/30/2022

Turtleback Ridge Brewery is a farmhouse brewery located in Robertson County Kentucky on the Turtleback Ridge Farmstead. We specialize in farmhouse beers & ciders emphasizing the local terrior through the use of native cultures and local ingredients.

The Brewery: Welcome
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