Turtleback Ridge Brewery is a farmhouse brewery located in Robertson County Kentucky on the Turtleback Ridge Farmstead.


Friday 5 pm to 10 pm

Saturday 12 noon to 10 pm

Hours by appointment on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday:

Book on our Facebook Page or shoot us an email at turtlebackridgewares@gmail.com

Growler Prices (Glass only, Fill prices below)

2 Liter Growler(Large) - $15/ea

750ml Growler(Small) - sold out; refills available

Current Draft List

Pascolo Pils – an Italian Pilsner brewed in collaboration with Ethereal Brewing. Soft and pillowy with a subtle malt character and a pleasant herbal hoppiness. ($15/Large, $10/Small, $6/pint)

Summer Tanager IPA – Named for the colorful Tanagers that decorate our treetops this time of year. A light-colored IPA generously hopped with a mélange of hops. Fruity with a light malt character and crisp finish. ($15/Large, $10/Small, $6/Pint)

Warbler IPA – Named for the migratory Warblers that arrive to our region at the same time of year as this beer. A robust malt backbone generously hopped with Cascade and Centennial. Resinous and piney with an assertive bitterness balanced by a malty, caramel sweetness. ($15/Large, $10/Small, $6/Pint

A Horse with No Name – a maple barrel aged imperial stout brewed with maple sap and aged in a bourbon barrel that held maple syrup for 6 months. Big and decadent with notes of dark chocolate and maple candy, ($7/8oz) 

Kölsch - Light German beer, ($12/Large, $8/Small, $5/pint)

Oatmeal Stout - Luscious and smooth, notes of dark chocolate and a dry finish. ($15/Large, $10/Small, $6/pint)

Porter - Dry, full-bodied, and roasty. Perfect for a bonfire in the fall. ($15/Large, $10/Small, $6/pint)

Handcrafted Seasonal Spritzer – nonalcoholic ($3/pint)

Current Bottle List

Hillbilly Maple - our maple imperial stout brewed with maple sap, aged in Old Pogue Bourbon Barrels, and bottle conditioned with our own Pure KY Proud Maple Syrup. ($25/bottle)

Farmhand's Table - a farmhouse ale brewed with Hickory King Corn from Sunflower Sundries and KY Proud Malt from Southfork Malthouse. Barrel fermented with our house culture. ($15/bottle)

Updated 07/22/2021